Design Philosophy: Embracing Imperfection

侘寂(侘び寂び Wabi-sabi)

At JINZA Oriental, we embrace the philosophy of wabi-sabi in designing our Tang Suit Designs. This Japanese concept celebrates the inherent beauty of simplicity and naturalness in design, finding elegance in the 'imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete'. Our approach to creating each Tang Suit reflects this appreciation for authenticity and comfort, infusing each piece with a unique aesthetic that honors the raw and natural essence of beauty.

a timeless heirloom piece

The Journey of Pure Bespoke

Our time-tested eight-step process guarantees that you will receive a beautifully hand-made bespoke garment, complete with exquisite hand embroidery, crafted with precision and care to last a lifetime.

Obtain a timeless heirloom piece that beautifully honors your culture or celebrates the heritage of your significant other.

Customizable Embroideries

Basic Patterns for Shape Inspirations

Explore our collection of basic patterns, designed to spark your imagination and serve as the foundation for your unique garment. Each pattern offers a different shape and style, setting the stage for customization. Remember, the magic lies in the details – all embroideries are fully customizable and can be added according to your preferences. We encourage you to discuss your design ideas with our team, and together, we'll transform these foundational patterns into a personalized masterpiece that resonates with your vision. Let's make the magic happen!

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