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Chinese Wedding Dress

手繡 | Qun Kwa | Wedding Qipao | Tang Suit | Chinese Tea Ceremony Dress

Chinese Wedding Dress
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20 years of couture expertise

We take great pride in hand embroidered 手繡 each Qipao and Chinese Wedding Dress using the finest silk. Personalize your dress with hand-embroidered family stories.

We create family heirlooms, designed to last beyond a single occasion.

"Feel Proud Once More."


Hand Embroidery in the U.S.

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20 Years of Couture Expertise

A dedicated team of skilled hand embroiderers based in California. Expertise in skilled cutting and pattern making.

Our mission is to blend the expertise we've gained in custom-designed wedding dresses with ancient traditional craftsmanship. By doing this, we aim to seamlessly bring classic styles into the modern era, specifically catering to the unique needs and tastes of Asian Americans.

Our Latest Collections

Explore our collection of both traditional and modern Qipao Cheongsam, all designed to meet your diverse needs. Real Bespoke Service and Hand Embroidery: The client's tastes, interests, and lifestyle are thoughtfully explored. With this insight, the unique cut and fit of the custom pieces are meticulously crafted to perfectly align with their vision.

V.I.P. Service: Matching Bride and Groom Outfits with Personalized Symbols

Customized with auspicious symbols, coordinated silk colors, and harmonious designs

Live Outside Los Angeles?

Services for Out-of-State and International Brides/Clients

Whether you're from bustling cities like New York, Seattle, Boston, or from as far as Canada and Australia, or residing in Washington D.C. and various Californian cities including San Francisco, Irvine, and Newport Beach, we've got you covered. We offer comprehensive in-house services for local clients and seamless Zoom online consultations for our out-of-state and international brides. Our aim is to provide you with the same level of detailed attention and customized service. This approach ensures the highest quality and service, tailored to meet the unique needs of each bride, regardless of their location.