Discover the Top 5 Destinations for Authentic Chinese Traditional Cheongsam in the United States

Discover the Top 5 Destinations for Authentic Chinese Traditional Cheongsam in the United States

During the golden eras, Qipao found its place in the wardrobes of women hailing from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, Malaysia, and various other regions. These vintage photographs might be discovered in your grandmother's or mother's old photo albums, or even tucked away in their closets.

Simple yet elegant. The cheongsam still in 2D, circa 1940s Hong Kong. At Haw Par Mansion (left), Diamond Hill (right) – Photo courtesy Melanie Ko

Qipao dresses, commonly known as Cheongsam, have adorned Chinese culture for centuries. These graceful and body-hugging garments have evolved into a symbol of heritage, worn by women during special occasions to honor their traditions. As time progressed, the Qipao underwent a transformation, blending its traditional roots with modern aesthetics.

Women in qipao in Taihoku Prefecture (modern day Keelung, New Taipei)  circa 1938-42

In today's context, the Qipao dress has gained immense popularity, especially for significant events like weddings, banquets, and formal gatherings. Crafted from opulent materials like silk, satin, and velvet, these dresses boast intricate embellishments of embroidery and beadwork. Notably, the Qipao's defining feature is its figure-enhancing silhouette, designed to embrace and emphasize the wearer's curves. This versatile design appeals to women of various ages and body types.

For those seeking Qipao dresses in the United States, a myriad of options await. Whether you desire a classic or contemporary interpretation, here are destinations where you can uncover the beauty of Qipao dresses in the US.

KHOON HOOI Qipao 2018 collection – Courtesy of Khoon Hooi showroom Kuala Lumpur


Proceeding from left to right, take note of the navy blue silk brocade fabric enriched with contrasting red accents or traditional Pankou in a classical configuration. Moving forward, take a moment to admire the exquisite premium silk cheongsam, a result of meticulous craftsmanship, adorned with intricate hand embroidery depicting delicate lotus flowers and leaves. Finally, direct your attention to the modern cheongsam that elegantly juxtaposes a vibrant hue on the top with a deep, dark shade on the bottom, creating a striking interplay of contrasting tones.

Elevate Your Bridal Aesthetics with Wedding Qipao and Cheongsam: A Rising Trend in the US

  1. Bespoke Wedding Qipao and Chinese Wedding Dress | Jinza Oriental Couture Los Angeles

Should your heart long for a Qipao that mirrors your form (定制婚服), consider the allure of a custom-made creation. Some select couture boutiques extend the opportunity for personalized Qipao dresses. Here, you can handpick fabrics, styles, and collaborate closely with artisans to manifest your dream attire. While this option may bear a higher cost, it promises an unparalleled dress crafted exclusively for you. With Jinza's extensive 25-year couture expertise, your wedding ensemble will be nothing short of perfection.

Embarking on the journey of crafting your dream Qipao is a truly unique experience. For a custom-made Cheongsam, it's recommended to reserve at least three months ahead of your special occasion. However, if your intention is to infuse your embroidery with a more personalized family story, allowing additional time is advisable. A bespoke Qipao, intricately designed to your specifications, can take more than 100 hours to complete, ensuring every detail is meticulously executed to perfection. 

      2. Local Boutiques

For those seeking a more localized touch, there are boutique establishments specializing in Asian couture, boasting an array of qipao dresses. These hidden gems are nestled in Temple City, CA and nearby localities. Within these boutiques, you'll discover an array of cheongsams with distinctive mandarin collars. Embracing the boutique ambiance ensures an intimate and tailored shopping experience, as the attentive staff guide you towards the ideal qipao dress that resonates with your preferences. The added advantage of in-person exploration provides confidence and assurance in your choice.

Discover the Splendor at these Exclusive Boutiques:

  • Elegance Couture Boutique | New York City
  • Blossom Qipao Boutique | San Francisco
  • Silk Serenity Atelier | Chicago
  • Brocade Apparel Qipao | Temple City

Venture into these boutiques to uncover a world of qipao dresses, each a masterpiece that reflects the fusion of heritage and contemporary elegance.

  1. Global Reach (Vivian Tam, Shiatzy Chen and Shanghai Tang)

The allure of Qipao attire has transcended borders, with stores spanning the globe, beckoning enthusiasts to delve into the world of this cherished Chinese garment.

Within this article, we embark on a journey to uncover the finest international Qipao outlets, available both virtually and within brick-and-mortar establishments.

Dive into the Realm of International Qipao Retailers:

  • Shanghai Tang: A beacon of luxury, Shanghai Tang has etched its name as a premier purveyor of Qipao and Chinese-inspired fashion. Originating in Hong Kong in 1994, this label radiates elegance. Embracing both tradition and innovation, their diverse Qipao assortment caters to a spectrum of tastes, from time-honored to contemporary styles. Crafted from opulent materials, their collection reflects unrivaled quality.

  • Vivian Tam: A trailblazer in infusing Eastern aesthetics with Western design sensibilities, Vivian Tam's creations exemplify cross-cultural fusion. Her Qipao designs marry heritage with a modern twist, capturing the essence of globalized elegance. With a penchant for intricate detailing, Vivian Tam's Qipao collection resonates with those seeking a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

  • Shiatzy Chen: Synonymous with haute couture, Shiatzy Chen transcends mere fashion, breathing life into artful Qipao masterpieces. Founded in Taiwan, this label boasts a legacy of craftsmanship that weaves intricate stories through their designs. Each Qipao emanates a sense of individuality, exuding timeless allure combined with contemporary allure.

  1. Virtual Emporiums (Bethandbrianqipao, Etsy, Amazon, Alibaba)

Experience the realm of qipao dress shopping from the comfort of your own space through a myriad of virtual emporiums. The digital landscape has evolved into a bustling marketplace, and online platforms like Bethandbrianqipao, Etsy, Amazon, and Alibaba showcase an exquisite assortment of qipao dresses. Navigate through a virtual gallery that unfolds a symphony of sizes, cuts, and shades, catering to every taste and preference. Prior to finalizing your choice, delve into customer testimonials and scrutinize the sizing guides to ensure a confident and tailored acquisition.

  1. Enclaves of Cultural Treasures (Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco)

New York Chinatown

Step into the captivating world of Chinatown districts nestled within cultural hubs like Los Angeles, New York (Manhattan, NYC), and San Francisco. These neighborhoods are not merely geographical locations but also storehouses of tradition and heritage. Amidst the bustling streets, traditional Chinese attire shops are a hallmark. Here, the air is alive with the enchantment of qipao dresses, displayed in a kaleidoscope of styles and fabrics. Embark on an expedition through these vibrant enclaves, where the allure of qipao dresses resonates with the harmony of rich cultural heritage